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Waterproofing of your basement is necessary when the foundation starts to leak or let moisture through. This could cause a flood or harmful mold.

Foundation leaks allow water to enter into the basement for numerous reasons. The most common factors are; congested weeping tile system – where the weeping tile can longer flow due a blockage of debris. Other potential reasons include horizontal or vertical cracks in the foundation, separation of concrete foundation blocks, or voids where the foundation and footing meet. Many foundations were never waterproofed properly during the construction process, especially older homes and buildings.

The reasons to waterproof are to – eliminate water seepage, moisture in a basement and to stop mold and musty odors and other allergies. It is extremely important to preserve the structural integrity of your foundation and eliminate deterioration of your foundation walls. Water can weaken the footings and cause settlement of your home.The Home Improvement People Inc. has been waterproofing foundations for over 18 years. We use the gold standard in materials and procedures to ensure that your property will never have water issues again.