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Peugeot Expert Repair & Service Manuals (67 PDF’s – Peugeot User Manual

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Peugeot expert 2008 manual pdf free download.Peugeot Workshop Owners Manuals and Free Repair Document Downloads

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Page Seats Seats 2 – Seat back angle adjustment Pull the lever upwards and set the required angle. FRONT SEATS 3 – Driver’s seat height adjustment Depending on the version and configuration Depending on the version and configuration of your vehicle, different front seats are of your vehicle, you have either: fitted, either: a passive adjustment: pull the handle Page 70 Seats The adjustment is correct when the upper edge of the head restraint is level with the top of the head.

To remove it, set it in the high position, press the tabs and pull upwards and forwards at the same time.

To re-install, engage the head restraint rods in the holes, making sure they are aligned an active adjustment: operate the handle Head restraint Press the tab to adjust the height of the head restraint. To remove the head restraint, press the tabs and raise the head restraint.

It contains three sockets for the connection Depending on the vehicle’s equipment, the of portable electronic equipment video various fittings below enhance your cab. Page 74 Practical information Ashtray Storage tray and bottle holder 1.

Page 75 Practical information Overhead storage unit This is located above the sun visors and Tip: the central cavity of the overhead has two compartments for storing a jumper, storage unit, located in the extension of the a file, The three seats are equipped with inertia The crew cab consists of a 3-seat bench, Squeeze the two controls together then slide reel seat belts.

Lashing rings Locations for lashing rails Use the lashing rings on the rear floor to Locations for fitting a lashing rail are secure your loads. Page 79 Practical information 12 volt socket Load retainer Ladder type vertical separation or partition This operates with the ignition on. On the floor, behind the front seats, a horizontal partition protects the driver and Behind the driver’s seat, a ladder type Maximum power: W. Page Rear Suspension Rear suspension irrespective of the weight of the load, within Deactivation of automatic height correction the limit of the authorised values.

On board, The control which permits deactivation of the increasing or lightening of the load on automatic regulation is located on the right- the vehicle’s platform is detected by two hand side, at the rear of the vehicle. Page 81 To initialise the function, press the control other. Release the button to stop the movement, “3 beeps” Page 82 Rear suspension Deactivation of manual height correction Good practice Long term parking Avoid parking for a long duration on ground With the vehicle stationary: When stationary and with the ignition key which could present a potential obstacle as removed, excessive use of the system press and hold, your vehicle could lower.

Page 84 Mirrors and windows Manual rear view mirror The rear view mirror has two positions: day normal , night anti-dazzle. To change from one to the other, push or pull the lever on the lower edge of the mirror.

Page Electric Windows Mirrors and windows Reinitialisation Following reconnection of the battery, the safety anti-pinch function must be reinitialised. Lower the window fully, then raise it, it will rise in steps of a few centimetres each time the control is pressed. Repeat the operation until the window is fully closed. Applying flash. There is no advantage in engaging a gear Pull the parking brake lever up to immobilise after parking the vehicle, particularly if the They can operate with the ignition off.

Page Parking Sensors LED in the button comes on, accompanied by an audible signal and a message in the screen. Page Horn When braking in an emergency, do not Stop as soon as it is safe to do so.

The warning lamp may also come on if the tyres are under-inflated. Page Grip Control Driving safely Correct use Your vehicle is designed principally to drive on tarmac roads but it allows you to drive on other less passable terrain occasionally.

However, particularly when your vehicle is heavily laden, it does not permit off-road activities such as: crossing and driving on ground which could damage the underbody or tear off components fuel pipe, fuel cooler, Page 91 Driving safely This ESP mode is calibrated for This snow mode allows the This sand mode allows a little a low level of skidding, based vehicle to adapts its strategy wheelspin on the two driving on different conditions of grip to the conditions of grip wheels at the same time to allow encountered on the road.

Page Seat Belts Seat belts Good practice The driver must ensure that passengers use the seat belts correctly and that they are all strapped in securely before moving off. Wherever you are seated in the vehicle, always fasten your seat belt, even for short journeys. Page 93 The upper part of the seat belt should be positioned in the hollow of the shoulder.

Have the seat belts checked regularly even after a minor impact by a PEUGEOT dealer The lap part should be placed as low as or a qualified workshop: they must not show possible on the pelvis. Page Airbags Airbags Airbags only operate when the ignition is switched on. This equipment only operates once.

If a second impact occurs during the same or a subsequent accident , the airbag will not operate. The deployment of an airbag or airbags is accompanied by a slight discharge of harmless smoke and a noise, due to the activation of the pyrotechnic cartridge incorporated in the system.

Page 96 Sit in a normal upright position. These will not hinder inflation of the lateral Wear a correctly adjusted seat belt. The airbags may no longer be deployed in the event of a serious impact. Page Front Airbags The front airbag inflates between the front If the two airbag warning lamps are occupant of the vehicle and the dashboard on continuously, do not install a rear- to cushion their forward movement. For maximum safety, please follow these precautions: all children under the age of 12 or less If the passenger’s airbag is not deactivated, the installation of a “rearwards-facing” child seat in the front is strictly prohibited.

Weight of the child and indicative age Under 13 kg From 9 to 18 kg For more information about weights, Distribution of loads Cooling refer to the administrative documents Distribute the load in the trailer so that the Towing a trailer on a slope increases registration document, Drive dealer, it is imperative that it is fitted using Accessory not available on the H2 version.

The PEUGEOT dealer network can inform Anti-theft alarm, window engraving, first aid you of the specifications frequency kit, high visibility safety vest, rear parking Page Diesel Engines Under the bonnet 7. Brake and clutch fluid reservoir. Engine oil filler cap. Air filter. Power steering reservoir. Coolant header tank. Engine oil dipstick. Removable towing eye. It is controlled Carbon filter and passenger qualified workshop. Otherwise bleed selects and offers specific products.

Page Reduced exhaust emissions TOTAL lubricants are formulated to optimise the efficiency of engines and the protection of the emissions post-treatment systems. Page Fuel Fuel Filling with fuel It is normal to hear the noise of an inrush of air when the cap is opened as there is a The fuel tank must be filled with the engine vacuum caused by the sealing of the fuel off.

Page Battery The presence of this label indicates the use of a 12 V lead-acid battery with special technology and specification, To start the vehicle from another for which the involvement of a PEUGEOT battery dealer or qualified workshop is required when replacing or disconnecting the battery.

Once the thirty minutes are over, the active functions are put on standby and the battery warning lamp flashes accompanied by a Page Puncture Repair Kit containing minutes, you are not able to obtain a sealant. Vehicles supplied with a temporary puncture repair kit do not have a spare Page After use, do not discard the cartridge into kilometres , the environment, take it to a PEUGEOT remove the compressor, then stow the dealer or to a specialised waste disposal complete kit, site.

Page Changing A Wheel 2. TOOLS the spare wheel from the carrier. If fitted on your vehicle, open the If your vehicle is equipped with a spare plastic flap located at the rear left of the wheel located underneath the vehicle, follow vehicle.

Page Changing a wheel Open the cover, located on the sill, to Detach the carrier from the hook and 3. Page Changing a wheel 4. Page Changing a wheel 5. Offer up the snow screen facing its According to country, the removable snow centring pin A on the front bumper. Type B Bayonet bulb: press on the bulb then turn it anticlockwise. Type C Halogen bulb: release the retaining spring from its housing.

Page Type C , H1 – 55W sealing. Page Changing a bulb High pressure jet washing When using this type of jet washer on stubborn dirt, do not persist on the headlamps, the lamps and their surrounds to avoid damaging their coating and seals. Refer to the “Access” bulb holder. Page A Fuse The descriptions communicated are only the fuses which can be changed by the user. Lift the wiper arm, then unclip the blade and remove it. Unclip the blade and remove it. It is preferable to raise the vehicle using In the case of vehicles fitted with a manual professional lifting equipment.

Page Having your vehicle towed General recommendations Observe the legislation in force in your country. Ensure that the weight of the towing vehicle is higher than that of the towed vehicle. The driver must stay at the wheel of the towed vehicle. Driving on motorways and fast roads is prohibited when towing. Page Dimensions Dimensions Page Dimensions Page Weights For further information, refer to your registration certificate.

In each country, it is imperative that the towed loads permitted by local legislation are complied with. Load transfer If the towing vehicle has not reached the GVW, it is possible to transfer this weight to the trailer.

Manufacturer’s label. Model serial number. Tyres and paint colour code. Use the flat end piece of the towing eye to The label C , on the front door gives: open the flap. Page LED comes on for 3 seconds indicating that the system is operating correctly. TMC information, messages. CD, Jukebox, options. Press the MENU button. Turn the dial and select the Navigation Turn the dial and select the “Enter Guidance function. During guidance, press the MENU button.

Add a stage Turn the dial and select the “Navigation guidance” function. Enter for example a new address. Page List of POI 9. Repeat steps 1 to 3 then turn the dial and select the “Map orientation” function. Turn the dial and select the “Map” Turn the dial and select the “Map” function. Turn the dial and select the “Map in window” Select the “Read messages” tab.

This is a normal effect of the way in which radio waves are transmitted and does not indicate any failure of the audio equipment.

Insert circular compact discs only. Some anti-pirating systems, on original discs or CDs copied using a personal recorder, may generate malfunctions regardless of the quality of the original player. Select the letters one by one and select “OK” Press the LIST button. Select the “Jukebox” Rename To rename the tracks of an album, follow the same procedure, selecting the tracks to be renamed.

Turn the dial and select the “Video After connecting the video equipment, parameters” function to set the display press the MENU button. Your SIM card must be installed and removed with the Peugeot Connect Media audio and telematics system switched off and the ignition off.

Page Telephone pairing the Bluetooth mobile telephone to the hands-free kit. Repeat step 2 To change the authentication code, repeat step 2 then select then select “Phone book synchronisation mode”. Select the “Authentication code” Page 60 miles km. Average fuel consumption: this is the average fuel consumption since the last trip computer zero reset. On-board computer Instantaneous info. This adjustment must be carried out whenever the battery has been disconnected. Sound cut-outs of 1 to SIM card?

The altitude is not On starting, the initialisation of the GPS may take up to 3 minutes to Wait until the system has started up completely. Page 9. Access to the volume, reinitialise settings. Long press: automatic search for a higher frequency. CD: select the next track. Select the next entry in the address book. Peugeot – Expert Tepee – Sales Brochure – – Brochure 2 Pages.

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Driver’s seat 3. Motor Vehicle Mechanic’s Textbook. Peugeot presented at the Paris Motor Show a new kontseptny hybrid electric sports sedan.


Peugeot expert 2008 manual pdf free download

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