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Little Big Adventure (DOS) Game Download

18 Jan 2023 Mann Group Developer In 2fw

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Little big adventure pc game free download

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Little Big Adventure was a smashing success selling Over , copies by It is one adventure game that takes a break from the norm to put you into a strange new world and keeps the dystopian future lighter than you would expect.

Review by: Tasha Published: 9 May pm. There is nothing else like it. Chilling dreams of destruction and doom fill your mind. You feel compelled to warn the world, but in so doing are imprisoned by the tyrannous Dr. Meet memorable characters and enjoy the enchanting soundtrack of Little Big Adventure 2 composed by the French composer Phillipe Vachey.

Popular Games. Evil West Free Download Read more. In normal mode, you can chat with other characters, collect and manipulate various objects. The athletic mode let Twinsen better run and jump. There is also an aggressive mode, where your character is energized with adrenaline and attacks everything that he does not like and as a last there is a sneaky mode, when you can avoid fights with enemies and sneak behind their backs.

No review yet. We are working very hard to write one for you. The unusual graphic style is also sparklingly original: its curious blend of cartoony, bizarre characters interacting in familiar locations, such as prisons, taverns and libraries, is uncannily effective. Oh, and there’s also a handy zoom mode for those vital close-ups. This magical graphic world is undeniably enhanced by the sound. There’s digitised speech for the characters: slow, cumbersome drawls for the Grobos, high-pitched garbling for the street-smart Rabibunnies.

Changing moods also affects the sound. Normal mode bears the sound of strutting footsteps, athletic mode comes complete ray-traced, 3D isometric beauties – all lavishly rendered in Super vga. Normal mode bears the sound of strutting footsteps, athletic mode comes complete with jogging noises and pants, aggressive mode packs in a lion’s share of grunting and the wonderful discreet mode is graced with the kind of tense, piano playing used to accompany silent films.

Funfrock’s clones and henchmen all have distinctive sounds, which help you work out when they’re lying in wait. Add to all this a haunting soundtrack and you’re left with a bewitching potpourri of CD effects.

Well, yes it is weird in that inimitable Gallic way. But it’s appealingly weird flowers squeal when you tread on them, Zoe giggles in true starlet fashion, and never wastes an opportunity to give Twinsen a drawn out smacker on the chops – that sort of thing. As for humour, it’s not openly comic in the same manner as, say, a LucasArts adventure. The dialogue isn’t loaded with wisecracks and it didn’t make me laugh out load.

Yet LBA has an innate sweetness that is both charmingly warm and funny – and this has much to do with the game’s many quirky features. The gameplay itself has weird twists too, with the non-linear element being a massive plus point. Often there are various ways of tackling the same predicament, and this places LBA high in the longevity stakes.

It’s basically a brilliant blend of arcade and adventure action a sort of pc Zelda peppered with a savoury amount of brain-blending puzzles; challenging while never quite allowing you to get stuck and throw in the towel.

Another plus point are the four wonderful vehicle simulators in the game, such as the snowboard and dino-fly, which add an extra dimension to the gameplay. Sometimes it takes a while to get beyond a certain stage without being killed, but the game automatically saves positions for you, allowing for a certain amount of risk-taking.

In short, Anglo-French relations will never be the same after this game. Anyone fearing a Channel Tunnel invasion will be instantly appeased. Forget rabies and Vanessa Paradis, if this sort of quality cd software is coming over in droves, let’s annex ourselves to France. Moon-like woodentop faces, tufted hairdos and play-doh bodies characterise the Quetch race. Although our human equivalents, they are not at home in watery environments. Walk Twinsen into water, and he drowns.

Put him on a ferry, and he turns green and unearths the contents of his stomach. Tall, lean and herbivorous Rabibunnies are smart, fast talking dudes and dudettes. Always impeccably dressed, the female variety isn’t adverse to using her feminine wiles on the odd enemy in order to help you.

Unnervingly hyperactive, they have a strange, unsavoury habit of scratching about in dirt. Clumsy but cuddly Grobos resemble French screen darling, Babar.

Wobbling blancmange-like throughout the game, they are sometimes in need of your help due to their disturbingly low IQ. Well-meaning Grobos can also lend you a helping hand but their slow, drawn-out speech can drive you to distraction.

Everything and everyone seems to be going 3D at the moment, and what’s more, the French seem to be behind most of it.



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Little big adventure pc game free download

Browse games Game Portals. Normal mode bears the sound of strutting footsteps, athletic mode comes complete ray-traced, 3D isometric beauties – all lavishly rendered in Super vga.

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