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Affinity Designer Tutorials | UK | ArtistWright.Learn Affinity Designer – Best Affinity Designer Tutorials |

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Why not work through the guide with our free fonts with commercial use? Or maybe you want to learn how to add new artboards or documents? Either way, we have you covered! Learning how to use Affinity Designer will be a breeze with our Design School tutorials made for beginners and more. One of the best things about Affinity Designer is its versatility for graphic designers, crafters, and creatives! If you enjoy my videos please give them a thumbs up and let me know the in the comment section.

Subscribe and tap the notification bell to get notified of my new videos. Music in my video provided by my talented friend Folivora. In this video we are going to be looking at the Contour Tool. I will show you how to use it, and how it might become useful when creating designs.

I will be experimenting with different shapes and strokes so that you may see the results of using the contour tool. I will also be creating compound shapes and then testing out this tool to create some really cool crazy shapes like meta balls! I’ll show you how to create the Command Symbol too. In this video I will show you how to create a realistic design whilst using a stock photo as a reference image.

If you want to design along with me I will be doing it step by step. I will show you how to use different effects to create a sense of realism such as 3D, Bevel and Emboss and Gaussian Blur.

I will be using the Pen tool to draw out the spoon and also the node tool to fine tune the nodes in the illustration. If you want to learn more about those tools check out my video in the link below. I’ll be showing you tips and tricks along the way with shortcuts that can be super useful.

In this video I will show you how to create a repeating pattern using symbols and artboards which will give you a live pattern preview. I’ll also teaching you how to create a bitmap pattern fill which can be used on t-shirt mockups. Finally I will walk you through exporting and uploading your pattern to the print on demand website Redbubble. I’ll also make a simple mandala pattern and make it a seamless repeating pattern.

Like always I provide shortcuts, tips and tricks along the way. Any reference to them is purely for educational purposes. I have a shop on redbubble which has allowed me to create this video. This is a step by step guide, so first you will learn how to use the stock panel to get a reference photograph, then I will show you how to create a colour palette from that photograph.

While Photoshop allows you to open vector files created in Adobe Illustrator or other vector design apps, Photoshop does not allow you the capabilities to design or edit vectors. In this sense, Affinity Designer is essentially a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. Many Adobe users dislike the Creative Cloud subscription model, so the pricing alone may convince you to give Affinity Designer a shot.

Many ex-Adobe users switched over to Sketch as it gained popularity in recent years. However, this is a Mac-only program that is not available for Windows. Affinity Designer was originally only available for Mac, however, the Windows version has now been available for a few years. As a result, Affinity quickly became a recognized competitor for Photoshop users.

Affinity also has some other programs available, like Photo and Publisher. At the top, you have the main toolbar and along the left-hand side, you have the toolbox. These let you switch between vector design and pixel design within the same interface.

You can build projects that support both vector and pixel graphics in the same file. Most of this interface should be fairly intuitive. The Affinity team also has a collection of free tutorials recorded and posted to Vimeo.

I would highly recommend studying this entire series to learn the basics from scratch. This hardcover page book of Affinity tips comes straight from the team at Serif with step-by-step guides for every feature. This book truly is the complete guide to Affinity Designer for beginners. It will answer all your questions and set you on the path to go about creating your own work from scratch.

To learn more check out the book page. If you have any questions about it you can reach out to the Affinity staff directly. But version 1. These symbols are like repeat objects that can be duplicated across the page, but updated in one location to change every element.


Affinity Designer for desktop tutorials.Learn Affinity Designer for Free with these Websites – The Creative Hagja


I have also included plenty of hands-on courses in this guide, along with certificates of completion to share your newly acquired skills with your network.

First on my list is a comprehensive online Affinity Designer course targeted towards iPad users who want to master surface design and make stunning patterns. This intermediate-level online course on Skillshare has been taken by more than 6, students, and now you can be one of them! Your instructor for this course will be Liz Kohler Brown , an artist, and designer who holds an MFA degree in art and has been honing her artistic skills from a young age.

Students will also learn the difference between raster and vector, get comfortable with the gallery and settings, use tools like the drawing pen, pencil tools, brush tools, basic elements, and much more!

Jeremy offers courses to creative individuals on a variety of Affinity-based design software including Affinity Designer. In this beginner-level 1 hour-long course, students will start from the very basics of Affinity Designer by learning topics like opening their first document, navigating the interface, setting up layers, using useful iPad gestures, and applying these new learnings to making their own smiley face emoji as an individual project.

With a free 1-month trial of Skillshare Premium, you can complete this online course and gain access to hundreds of other courses that will help you take your craft to the next level!

Ronnie McBride , an artist, and designer with multiple awards to his name will be teaching you in this online Affinity Designer course. Ronnie also has a degree in industrial design and has more than 15 years of experience working as an illustrator, so you are in great hands!

After completing this online course, you will receive a certificate of completion from LinkedIn which you can share with your network and build your credibility around Affinity Designer! Are you a budding graphic designer or illustrator looking for a complete guide to the skills you need to get started?

If so, this comprehensive beginner Affinity Designer course offering short, bite-sized lessons could be a great fit! Jeremy Hazel , an artist who is passionate about education, is back again to teach you in this online course.

Jeremy is the founder of 7th Season Studios , an education company that seeks to equip creative individuals with the skills needed to produce stunning art. You will also have access to a thriving student community through which you can draw inspiration, solve your problems, or simply discuss your ideas.

All of this can be done for free through a 1-month free trial of Skillshare Premium! Next on my list is a fun and light-hearted online Affinity Designer course for iPad users that will teach you the skills needed to make stunning illustrations in a methodical, bit-by-bit manner. More than 5, students have taken this online Udemy course, giving it an average rating of 4. Your instructor for this online Affinity Designer course will be Brad Colbow , a professional illustrator and graphics designer who has published 9 courses on Udemy.

Brad has also taught more than 50, students and earned an average instructor rating of 4. With Udemy, you will get a certificate of completion along with full lifetime access to this online course so that you can come back and review concepts whenever they get a little rusty! Overall, one of the best online Affinity Designer courses on this list! Visit Udemy.

Are you a UX designer looking to level up your skills and learn some new tricks? If so, this online Affinity Designer course might be the perfect fit for you! Affinity Designer is a vector or raster app. Use it to do anything from making a business card to mock up an app. If you are new to Affinity Designer or just want an overview of the tool and what it looks like before making a purchase, this UI overview is the place to start.

The video lasts less than 5 minutes and walks through the user interface, highlighting a few key elements of the software. Another beginner tutorial, this video takes you through the file menu and looks at each option and how to use it. Rory Townsend, who made the video, also has similar video tutorials with each of the other menu options to help you really get a good hold on all the things you can do with Affinity Designer and where each individual tool or option is located in the menu.

This is the ultimate getting started video guide for Affinity Designer, with all the basics in one video. Plus, the video host Jesse Showalter, has plenty of energy so this tutorial anything but boring. This video guide offers a great introduction and a starting point for complete beginners to learn everything there is to know about Affinity Designer. The YouTube video is also divided into different sections so you can quickly jump to learn about a specific part of Affinity Designer as well.

This is a fast-paced tutorial that showcases some of the useful tools and features of Affinity Designer in a very fun way. The video covers tips and tricks using the Alphabet as a structure while introducing you to tools in Affinity Designer based on each letter.

The best way to learn is by doing. With this Affinity Designer tutorial, you can do just that. The best part is that it shows you the entire process of creating vector art every step of the way. Icon design is a huge part of almost every type of design project from UI design to web design, social media design, and more. You can use this tutorial to learn how to design icons using Affinity Designer.

Affinity Designer for iPad is a great app you can use to practice hand lettering and even do professional hand lettering work. This quick tutorial shows you how to get started with hand lettering with the Affinity Designer for iPad app. The video takes you from the very basics to designing sophisticated art. Affinity Designer is a tool that allows you to work with vector or raster images. That means you can create logos that can be scaled for any use with the software.

In this tutorial, you walk through all the steps to create a simple vector logo using tools in Affinity Designer. Because of vector functionality, Affinity Designer can also be used to create illustrations.

This tutorial takes you through the steps to create a flat illustration, such as the example above, that you can apply to full-scale illustrations, logo, or icon design. The tutorial includes step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots that you can use to follow along on your own. Using layers and groups is a powerful function that can help keep files organized and a lot easier to manage.

Using them in Affinity Designer is fairly easy. Learn everything you need to know about layers and groups in this short video from the makers of the software. Icon design is something almost everyone comes across at some point. Affinity Designer is the perfect tool for creating all manner of icons.


7+ Best Online Affinity Designer Courses [Free + Paid]


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