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European air war windows 10 download

14 Dec 2022 Mann Group Developer In welcome

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Hi everybody. Sure, V1. There are two new issues as of this year with Win10 and EAW. Actually these issues came April and perhaps a month or two before -The Frame rate is lower Lower than Win7 -The screen transitioning to the flight screen and back is extremely slow; for the screen to change while the game loads or unloads textures and models, etc Its gone from a 2 sec screen switch up to 10 secs or more.

The Win10 April update did this. FPS and Screen transitioning is fast again. Althought the plans apear to jitter slightly, like a little lag. The Card is FAR from cutting edge, and the rest is not exactly pushing cutting edge, either.

So just a head’s up that I might be re-reading your Help Site, with a particular view to Win 10 compatibility. In anticipation I reviewed some of my Troubleshoot Help Document. Rearrange a few things and corrected a little bit of text. Mind you most of the updates where based on info I carried in my head till now about Win10 troubleshoot. In order to get it, you will need to run the game in Glide, which rules out proper widescreen.

When used with nGlide wrapper or any other. The new exes made by independent CodeGroup use v3. Standard EAW use Glide 2. So make sure the wrappers supports the Glide version the eaw. Widescreen BIG Stretched Screen or even Big ratio in Glide is possible, but most of the time it just won’t except the values you enter. Direct3D Mode easily supports higher resolution. Frankly, with all the bitter, pointless, infighting present for a long time in the EAW “community”, I’m discouraged from participating in EAW discussions.

I’ve already been unfairly temp banned from another site, and am reluctant to get involved with similar discussions on this site. Pity, as EAW is a great sim, except for many of the people who have made it great.

Life is too damn short for that sort of BS. RIBob , Sorry about the other thread where it goes more off topic by my posts as well as others. I wouldn’t worried about getting banned, say what you gotta say, no offence but perhaps you have something important to say? It could be about me or any other EAW members. I’m not afraid to read and respond.

No problem with anything that I’ve ever seen you post, Mark. You and I think alike, mostly, and what we disagree on isn’t worth mentioning. Win 10 Comp is ready to go, but I discovered I need a unique cable to access the drive with all my backup programs. Win 7 comp off-line for now , so I’m waiting on the damned cable. I should have ordered it ling ago, but it got overlooked. Well if you have a problem, don’t hesitate to inform me. I’ll try to be gentle as you helped me out and others a lot with your feedback of some of my Help Documents and overall site re-organization.

That’s worth something in my book. All I know is I tried EAW out recently and found that the menu screens come up with only a instant to 2 sec delay of black screen.

I may research later into why this is, but not sure when. So if you have ideas or proof please let me know. It just a guess as I was thinking the DX files where corrupt or missing. Anyhow I dont have those long delays anymore for the menu screens changing.

It contains the same DX9 varous versions that Win10 has. It won’t harm your Win10 computer since it replaces corrupt DX files and adds updates only. If you confirm your menu delay before installing the June DX9 versions, please let us know , thanks.

Hey, Mark, the new Win 10 “Gaming Machine” is finally on-line. Latest and final, I hope delay was caused by the installation of a new Monitor, fully compatible with Nvidia GFX card. I will run it, and edit the INI thus created to suit my preferences. Once the V1. Discard superfluous stuff. I probably have existing copies of all the required elements on the “Win 7” SSD on the Gaming computer.

Perhaps, since it also contains the Win 7 OpSys, I seem to be able to play all of the games stored there on my Win 10 computer. Unsure how this is possible, but it seems to be happening, somehow. This last aside, do you think this is a correct plan of operations? Part of the reason for doing this is that a mutual friend is having difficulty getting EAWPRO running on Win 10, and I wanted to go through the Start-to-finish procedure, taking notes step-by-step.

Eventually, I want to install most everything now running on Win 7 computer into the new “Gaming computer”, but that will take some time and effort. Anyway, Critique of my Win 19 “step-by-step” plan, when you have time, and suggestions, please. Needless to say, this would not be possible without your efforts, and your Help Site. One guy on here had issues with the INTRO Movie, he said he read my site, but I don’t think he followed it like he was suppose to or he would had solved his own issue rather quickly.

CDF file off of my file archives. If you need help finding them, PM me. I can explain later. Thanks Mark! I’ll try to get to work on the project later today, and thanks for the suggestions.

I’m almost positive I have a “stripped” version of EAW; one I made from the directions on your help site. If not, I can re-create it easily enough. By Stripped, I mean using your instructions to remove a number of files found on the original CD, which I also have. Let’s assume I have the stripped version, for now.

What are these things you mention: ” You’ll want the 1. I don’t recall using them before. If I need then, please give me “idiot-proof” instructions on where to find them, and how to identify them once there. Once I have both files, what do I do with them? Simply unzip into stripped EAW folder, or what?

For now, I think it best to use a V1. Where are GTG V1. From there, it. I’ll bug him about that. Well if you have a v1. CDF is 1kb in size, so maybe you want it or not.

Thats primarly just simple instructions, nothing majorly detailed, that the Track IR device should have instructions with it. Thanks for very prompt reply, Mark! I’ll be looking into all this tomorrow PM, but great to have some prior info. For the moment, I am assuming that I can recover a playable version of 1. If not, then strip the CD, as per your instructions, and patch the remainder to v 1. That’s where the confusion about the two files you mentioned comes in.

I never needed them before, and I wonder why I need them now. I have an IM directed to him about the subject, and we will see what happens. Unzipped V1. Everything seems to be working fine. K, just found the “Stripped” version of EAW in my files. Well, I spoke too soon. Looks like every version I’ve tried to create winds up with a big ‘ol cursor arrow as soon as the game starts. Doesn’t appear till the flying starts, then it is there, immovable.

I doubt it’s the games themselves, must be something about my computer. After you said you tried NoCD exe’s over v1. It should say so in the lower left hand corner of the main menu screen.

The cursor thing seems to be a very old problem, I only had that problem once, I run my eaw. So I don’t know for sure whats going on with it. I think Jel said run it from a shortcut on the desktop or from the taskbar to remove the arrow.



European air war windows 10 download. European Air War


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Overall: 8. European Air War is a simulation game released in by Atari Interactive. The game was released for PC Windows. The plot of the embedded game is in the times of the Second World War.

In the game you can choose the machine you want to pilot. Each model of the plane is piloting a bit differently – the authors of the game took care of the physics of each of them. Depending on which side of the conflict you are fighting, your wings will communicate with you in German if you are on the Luftwaffe route or in English with the right accent RAF or US.

Install notes: Install the game, then install Patch – if you use Windows 7 or above. After starting the game – it may happen that the screen will be long “black” – then press Enter. Important Information: Abandonwaregames. To the best of our knowledge, these games are no longer available on the market and are not supported by publishers. If you know otherwise, write to us. Developer Microprose. Publisher Atari Interactive. Year Tags abandonware , old , game , european , air , war , simulator , atari , microprose.

Genre simulator. Platform PC. I did everything required, installed, patched etc. And I got onto the menu screen, but whenever I try to actually go into a game, it just crashes. Thanks for your time. Bowden Worked like the previous reviewer started. Downloaded, mounted, patched, played. Works great. One of my favourite ever WW2 Aircraft sims. Similar games Users also downloaded the following old games. Cold Fear Ubisoft Entertainment. Rocket Knight Adventures Konami.

Hexen Id Software. Tanktics Interplay Entertainment. Gunman Chronicles Sierra On-Line. Latest added games View All. Top rated games View All. The games you can find on our pages are no longer supported by the publishers. You will not buy them in stores anymore. The aim of abandonwaregames. All the games you can download for free and play on modern computers.

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