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15 Dec 2022 Mann Group Developer In 1gal

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Double dragon 3 game free download for pc.Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone

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The Double Dragons are Marion’s only hope!! The brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee have fought countless battles defending their beautiful friend Marion against various enemies.

The hapless Marion has been hunted down by huge mutant killers, nunchuck-toting ninjas, and even helicopter gunships. For the Lees, protecting Marion has become a full-time job. Obviously, the Warriors weren’t counting on the two-fisted cavalry that came to her rescue.

The Lee brothers interceded again and completely humiliated the maniacal Shadow empire. The Lees’ savage vengeance ended the attacks on Marion and the Shadow Boss’s deranged plot to conquer the world. But just when Marion thinks it’s safe to go back outside, trouble strikes. Join the Lee brothers in bruising tests of strength as they pursue a quest for five sacred stones that lead to Marion.

Five levels of action begin in the back-stabbing alleyways of America and conclude in a final showdown among the sand-blown pyramids of Egypt. As in Double Dragon II, you can either play the game alone or with a friend.

The two-player mode is much easier, because you can defend each other against the swarms of enemies that attack you. Jimmy and Billy Lee are on a new quest that will take them across the world. It has been two years since the last fight, and they have been working on their martial arts techniques. The two brothers were approached by an old gypsy fortune teller, who spoke of the ultimate fighter. To get to him, they will have to retrieve the three sacred Rosetta stones. Thus, their journey for the stones began.

Powerful moves abound, such as the awesome cyclone kick. You can even find shops to increase your powerful arsenal! You’ll need all the help you can get, because the enemy attacks are relentless. Can you become the greatest fighter in the world? In the third installment ol the popular Double Dragon trilogy for your NES, Billy and Jimmy Lee must travel the world in search of not only Marion, but the mysterious and powerful Sacred Stones as well!

Complete with great new graphics, moves, and action, Double Dragon III sends our martial arts heroes around the globe, featuring some of the most deadly opponents yet! Warriors Chin and Ranzou, however, join your quest when bested and add to the selection of moves you can use against the enemy!

All the mystery and excitement of the first two games multiplied times three! With two players, you and a friend can perform the ultimate martial arts maneuvers!

To do the double lump kick, jump into your partners arms! To do a double cyclone kick, just do a normal one together! Everything has been peaceful until just recently. A Double Dragon student, Brett, witnessed the kidnapping of Marion by a mysterious new gang of warriors, but didn’t last long enough to warn Billy and Jimmy of the dangers ahead. Ever since Double Dragon surfaced in arcades years ago, no fighting game has come close other than the incredible sequels.

This sequel is no exception, sporting new radical moves, boggling Techniques, powerful bosses, and two player simultaneous play. A winner! A truly exceptional game. One would think that the programmers would run out of new moves and techniques by now, but each game just keeps on getting better than the previous version.

Being able to play as different people is a great idea and adds variety. Dragon 3 is another good fighting game that resembles part 2 in most aspects. Lots of technique to master before you’ll beat this one. I like the other characters that you change into. Cool graphics and awesome moves kept my interest. As a true fan of the Double Dragon series, I was blown away by this excellent sequel of sequels. The new moves, cast, and storyline add a whole new dimension to intense fighting action.

The graphics, music, and play mechanics are very good. I’m waiting for Double Dragon 4! Genesis fistfighters often get stuck with the short end of the stick when it comes to kick-A martial arts games, e.

Flying Edge wanted to turn the tide with Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stones, which was directly converted from the coin-op. In the ocean of beat-em-ups, the Stones make a decent splash, but they’re no tidal wave.

When a gang of would-be, world-dominating warriors steals the precious Rosetta Stones, the soothsayer Hiruko predicts that Billy and Jimmy Lee will be called upon to mop up the streets with someone’s face gee, that was a tough one to call. Their latest one- or two-player mission is to recover the Stones and dismantle the mysterious crime syndicate responsible for the rocknapping. In order to win back the Stones in question and gain clues from your companion, Hiruko, you must conquer entire countries in a moderate-length, five-level brawl.

No Maid Marion at the end of this road, but plenty of precious jewels. DD’s graphics take a beating as you take it to the streets, the swamps, and the forests. Surprisingly, the background graphics and foreground pix are sharp as razors, but the characters themselves move like stiff marionettes — no fluid animation here. Music’s confined to one catchy, but repetitious, theme song per level. This game spans the U. Samurais, ninjas, archers, and bosses a- plenty are your opponents.

These guys play to win, but they don’t play fair. Do you have trouble running this game? Did you play it? Did you like it or hate it? Don’t be afraid to ask for help please, read the guide first. Post comment. Terms and conditions Privacy policy Cookie policy Cookie settings.

Click the link below to start the download. Your vision better be to play this game. Moreover, although the controls pass the thumb test, the tiny pixs make it hard to make precise moves. The music moves to a generic brawling beat. Browse games Game Portals. Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game.

Game review Downloads Screenshots Hard Knocks A mysterious fortune teller, Hiruko, predicts that you must complete five missions to unravel the mysteries of the three Rosetta Stones. ProTips: At the very start of the game, purchase an extra life in the Weapon Shop. Stand above or below archers in Egypt When one moves into range, nail him with a jump kick, then retreat to a safe position to avoid an arrow in the ribs. To beat bike riders, get a running start and meet them in midair with a jump kick.

Japan’s Ninja boss splits in half.



Double dragon 3 game free download for pc

Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone is the final installment in the original Double Dragon series. Billy and Jimmy must fight all over the globe to save the. Martial arts bandits raid the scene once again in Double Dragon III. This time around, they pass up Billy Lee’s oft-abducted girlfriend, Marion.


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