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Como descargar adobe flash professional cs4 free.Manual Adobe Illustrator CC

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Como descargar adobe flash professional cs4 free.Download & install help

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Como descargar adobe flash professional cs4 free


You can create original drawingsand animations with Flash, add in voice-overs, background music, and video clips, and thenpublish it all to a Web page with the click of a button. You can even position elements on the screen precisely and then change the layout atruntime. With Flash, even regular folks can create real-time video blogs and eye-grabbingsplash pages.

In fact, the most famous multimedia site of them all, YouTube, uses Flash todisplay videos. Figure 2. Over half of the banner ads you see on the Web were produced using Flash. The bestones combine creativity with action. Here, Magritte-like characters float up into theair, suspended from their umbrellas.

Clicking the banner zips you to a different Webpage, where you can place an order online. Web-based training courses, which ofteninclude a combination of text, drawings, animations, video clips, and voice-overs, are anatural fit for Flash. By hooking Flash up to a server on the back end, you can evenpresent your audience with graded tests and up-to-the-minute product information. Full-length ads and product presentations. Marketingtypes can use Flash to create slick, storyboarded, buy-our-stuff-now animations andprogram mock-ups.

Customer service kiosks. Many of the kiosks you see instores and building lobbies use Flash to help customers find what they need. For example,photo kiosks walk customers through the process of transferring images from their digitalcameras and ordering their own prints; kiosks in banks let customers withdraw funds, checkinterest rates, and make deposits.

Television and film effects. The Hollywood set has beenknown to use Flash to create spectacular visual effects for TV shows and even smallfeature films. But where the TV and film industry is seriously adopting Flash is onpromotional Web sites, where they wed Flash graphics to scenes taken from their movies andshows to present powerful trailers, interactive tours of movie and show sets, and teasers. You can find hundreds of them on YouTube alone. Games and other programs. Additional graphic effects.

With Flash CS4Professional, you get convenient extras like filters predefinedblurs, glows, and drop shadows , blend modes transparency effectsthat make compositing, or combining images, easy , andcustom easing the ability to slow down or speed up animatedtweens with the click of a button. Support for mobile authoring. Flash CS4 Professionalcomes with mobile templates to help you size your animations for handhelds , anemulator to let you see how your animations will appear on every handheld that Flashsupports , and built-in publishing options.

Support for high-end video manipulation. Flash CS4Professional gives you extra tools, including the Flash Video Exporter a QuickTimeplug-in that lets you create Flash video files using any Apple QuickTime-compatiblevideo authoring tool and the Flash Video Encoder a standalone program that lets youconvert regular video files to Flash video files.

Using Flash CS4 Professional, you canlink to external video files and even layer video clips on top of each other to createsophisticated composite effects. For the most part, there were sighs of relief when Adobe foldedboth beloved programs into its high-powered Creative Suite. The big change came with FlashCS3, which introduced a new workspace that was more consistent with other Adobe programs,including Photoshop.

CS3 was the first versionof Flash to include ActionScript 3. With Flash CS4, Adobe continues to update Flash at a rapid pace, adding powerful newfeatures and improving the workspace, like making it easier to arrange and organize windows.

Applying tweens directly to objects. When you wantsomething to change in your animation, you show Flash how it looks at the beginning andhow it looks at the end.

Flash creates all the in-between frames. The process is calledtweening. Flash has always had tweens, but Flash CS4 introduces anew way of animating objects. Instead of applying tweens to keyframes, you apply tweensdirectly to the object you want to move. The new system for working with motion tweensis fast, easy to understand, and easy to use. New Motion Editor. Adobe gives you more control thanever over your tweens.

It gives you the kind of power that video editors have enjoyed using Adobe AfterEffects. Motion presets. Flash comes with predesigned motiontweens that you can use in your animation. The presets that come in the box includeactions like bounce, fly-in, fly-out, pulse, spiral, and wave. Animating objects in 3D space. Flash is dipping itsgraphic toe in 3D waters. You can animate movie clips in three dimensions, which is agreat effect for text, still images, and other objects.

IK Bones. The Bones tool and Binding tool will save you tons of time when you animateconnected objects. Adobe AIR is a newAdobe technology for publishing programs for computer desktops and handheld devices likephones and palmtop computers. Using Flash, you can now design programs and animations for a wider audience. Sound Samples Library.

Flash CS4 now includes dozensof sound samples that you can drop into your animations. Most of these are event sounds,like motors running, laughter, bells and the ever-popular gigantic explosion.

Adobe Media Encoder H. Workspace improvements. Adobe continues to refine theFlash workspace. The Library panel has new search and sorting capabilities. Fontselection is easier now that the font menus show previews of the typefaces. Anatomy of an AnimationAnimation is a complex subject, and Flash is a complex program.

This section and the following one give you some background. Animators used to develop animations in a frame-by-frame sequence, where every framecontained a different image. As the frames sped by on a projector, the hundreds or hundredsof thousands of static images created the illusion of moving characters. Painstaking work?

Before the age of computerized generation—which has reallyjust come into its own in the last 20 years or so, with big names like Pixar—major animationhouses employed whole armies of graphic artists, each charged with producing hundreds ofdrawings that represented a mere fraction of the finished work. What we chuckled at for ascant few minutes took weeks and dozens of tired, cramped hands to produce. One mistake, onespilled drop of coffee, and these patient-as-Job types would have to grab fresh paper andstart all over again.

When everything was done, the animation would have to be puttogether—much like one of those flip books where you flip pages real fast to see a storyplay out—while it was being filmed by special cameras.

Flash brings you the power of a design studio, expert tools, and the equivalent of astaff of highly trained detail people. You still have to come up with an idea for theanimation, and you have to draw or find and import at least a couple of images.

But beyondthat, Flash can take over and generate most of the frames you need to flesh out youranimation. In addition, Flash lets youcreate and work with movie clips, which are something else entirely. Flash in a NutshellSay you work for a company that does custom auto refinishing. But you also want each partof the car to be a clickable hotspot. Within each keyframe, you might choose to separate your artwork into differentlayers. Like the see-through plastic cels that professionalanimators used in the old days, layers let you create images separately and then stackthem on top of each other to make a single composite image.

For example, you mightchoose to put the car on one layer, your company logo on a second layer, and yourcity-street background on a third layer. That way, you can edit and animate each layerindependently, but when the animation plays, all three elements appear to be on oneseamless layer. Through a process called tweening, you tell Flash to fill ineach and every frame in- between the keyframes to create theillusion of the junker turning slowly into a brand-new car.

Flash carefully analyzes allthe differences between the keyframes and does its best to build the interim frames,which you can then tweak or—if Flash gets it all wrong—redraw yourself. As you go along, you might decide to save a few of the elements you create forexample, your company logo , so you can reuse them later.

See for details on creating and managingreusable elements. Create the navigation bar buttons and hotspots that let your audience interact withyour animation. Test your animation and tweak it toperfection. Without leaving the comfort of Flash, you can convertthe editable. Tells you everything you need to know aboutpublishing. The scenario described above is pretty simple, but it covers the basic steps you need totake when creating any Flash animation.

Toclick means to point the arrow cursor at something on the screenand then—without moving the cursor at all—to press and release the clicker button on themouse or laptop trackpad. I have recommended it to my college as well for its broad range of methods and techniques to achieve many different effects. A very useful book. I am a portuguese teacher. My skills with adobe flash are basic with some ASP program and yes tis book is a must have. If you aelike e and want to do some animations like these w.

You wan’t go wrong. Good beginners book for exponents of Adobe Flash CS4. Comes with CD of some good examples that are colourful and fun.

I love, love, love this Flash animation book! There are lots of great how-to instructions in some basic Flash animation effects. However, this book is not for the beginner. You need to have a grounding in how to use Flash before you can successfully follow this tutorial book without feeling frustrated.

There are some basic techniques explained in Chapter One, such as how to draw basic shapes and use the brush tool and trace bitmaps, but you’ll be tempted to move on too quickly to the more cool and spectacular effects, such as creating fireworks or using bones to make figures dance.

There is also some ActionScript coding, and it’s best to have some familiarity with using the programming language firstly. I was able to use the book to create the fireworks effects as part of a Fourth of July cartoon for my website, but I think I would have been confused if I was a novice Flash user. I am an artist, not a programmer, so I can always appreciate computer books that are well-laid out and clearly explain how to create animation and effects.

The accompanying CD is helpful and there is an image index of what is on the CD. There are Twelve Chapters and it is profusely and attractively illustrated in lovely colors. It’s a great resource for saving you some time trying to figure out how to create some basic effects. It’s not going to teach you how to create games, for example, but is more geared toward basic animation and effects that can be incorporated into your website or Flash-based cartoon. As above, Chapter One reviews some basic techniques to create images and keep the size files down for laying a foundation for more complex animations later in the book.

Chapter Two reviews the envelope tool and how to successfully distort a bitmap. This lays the foundation later in the chapter for more complex stretching and warping effects, such as rotating a playing card. Next page. About the Author Phillip Kerman is an independent programmer, teacher, and writer, who specializes in the Adobe Flash platform.

All rights reserved. Amazon Explore Browse now. Phillip Kerman. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. While I understand that great projects involve the work of many dedicated people, I’m not shy to point out that I was the primary programmer for the following projects:.

The short story of my rise from mere mortal to being in charge of everything at phillipkerman. I was a student photographer for Sunset High School’s newspaper and yearbook. I rode my bicycle from Portland, Oregon, to go to college in Rochester, New York and got all 2 years’ worth of physical education credits waived in the process. I worked for Sinar Bron, Inc. I worked for The Human Element, Inc. Lynn Beighley. Lynn Beighley is a fiction writer stuck in a technical book writer’s body.

She spends most of her time writing tech books, or writing novels, or traveling. Opiniones de clientes. Opiniones destacadas de los Estados Unidos. Compra verificada. I bought this book to replace an earlier version of Flash and I have to say it is an easy book to get on with. I am not a Flash developer in any sense of the word but found a need to do some animations and Action Scripting for one of my university modules. I would recommend this book to anyone just starting out with Flash.

The authors have a well structured approach and don’t assume and this is hugely important! You wont be dissapointed in buying this book. I have used Flash for some years now but only recently obtained access to CS4. At first I was really frustrated – some good areas seemed missing even motion tweens Once I got into the book I found it really easy to use. You forget things but generally it is good to use and easy to follow. Feedback I have had echoes it.

Not just a repeat of books on Flash 8. Easily accessible, generally well presented and I would recommend it although I haven’t finished it yet. Ver todas las opiniones. Productos que has visto recientemente y recomendaciones destacadas. Gana Dinero con Nosotros. Productos de Pago de Amazon. Podemos Ayudarte. Amazon Music Reproduce millones de canciones.

Amazon Advertising Encontrar, atraer y captar clientes. Amazon Drive Almacenamiento en la nube desde Amazon. Venda en Amazon Comience una cuenta de venta. Amazon Business Todo para tu negocio. Amazon Ignite Vende tus recursos educativos digitales originales. ComiXology Miles de Comics Digitales.


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