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Acronis True Image Home old versions – Windows.Acronis True Image Home for Windows – Download it from Uptodown for free

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Acronis True Image Home – free download for Windows

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Acronis True Image Home Free Download – Acronis True Image reliable backup and recovery of the entire PC. Acronis True Image Home is a free trial software published in the Other list of programs, part of System Utilities. This program is available in English. Acronis True Image protects your files, pictures, videos, operating system, applications, settings, and preferences. If your PC or Mac is lost, stolen.


Acronis true image 2010 home free download

acronis true image bootable iso free download. Acronis True Image Home Backups Created from Acronis Bootable Media Are Not. Solution · Start Acronis True Image Home and select Backup -> Disk and Partition Backup: · Select a partition or the whole disk to back up. Download Acronis True Image Home for Windows for free. Create an exact image of your hard drive. Do you reformat often? Would you like to have a clean copy.


Acronis true image 2010 home free download. Acronis True Image Home 2010


Acronis has made a name for itself in the computer backup and restore business through their flagship product, True Image Home. The application provides an easy means to create backup images of your data, including entire volumes or hard disks, offering a neat way to restore them at a later time. It can also help you avoid reinstalling the operating system by snapping an initial image of the OS and then restoring it whenever you need a fresh Windows install.

Each release of the suite came with an enriched set of options, designed to cover as many angles as possible and make your job easier. Alternatively, any VHD file can be converted to Acronis format and loaded by the application as a virtual drive to see its contents. A new, refreshed interface was on the list of the developer and the result is an application screen even easier to handle than the one of the edition. It may not seem like much, but long time users of the program will appreciate the change.

However, they have received new options, such as Nonstop Backup or Online Backup. For the latter, you need to pay a regular subscription fee in order to use Acronis online storage. The purpose of Nonstop Backup feature is to offer protection of data and even entire hard disks in case disaster on the protected volume strikes.

Opposed to Shadow Copy under Windows, with Acronis you have control over the storage location of the backups. Also, the backup function is continuous, taking snapshots of the content every five minutes. In order to save as much space as possible, only the differences between the old and the new file version are preserved; you have full liberty of deleting any saved data you consider no longer of use. Moreover, Acronis will first check if there is a modification before it commits to creating a backup.

This way, it will not provide identical file versions. So, should there be no file change, the application will not proceed to backing up data. Recovering individual files is not a problem with Nonstop Backup. VHD support, fully embraced by Windows 7 to the point that the operating system can mount such files as virtual drives to see their content, is also present in Acronis.

The introduction of VHD and providing it to third-party developers royalty-free by Microsoft has brought only advantages to the user. Thus, you can work in the virtual environment instead of operating on the real system, as well as mount the image whenever you want and the data you need.

The main advantage of booting the VHD directly as opposed to loading it in a virtual machine is speed, as emulation of hardware is eliminated. The ability to turn TIB system backups into VHD images gives you the possibility to load up the Acronis created file and boot it, thus verifying the integrity of the archive, as well as adding new elements. However, in order to proceed, make sure that you have enough hard disk space at hand.

Just to give you a heads-up on the situation, in our case, a TIB system image of about 2. Adding the bootable VHD to the boot manager list in Windows is not quite the job, even for the average computer user, yet, with the Boot Sequence Manager included in the suite, all this is a snap.

Just browse for the system image you want to boot from if it is a TIB, the program will have to convert it to VHD and add it to the boot list. Unlike the previous True Image Home Edition, where enabling Acronis Secure Zone would be a must for virtualization to work, with the edition, you are free to set the storage location for the virtual changes to any place on the hard disk.

The best part is that all the modifications you make can be committed to the real system or discarded at the next reboot of the computer and thus revert the system to its initial state. Worth mentioning is the fact that you cannot select an external drive for storing all the changes made in the virtual environment. It is advisable to read the detailed context-sensitive help file that comes with the program before engaging tasks other than the regular ones such as installing new software, updates or testing programs that do not deal with rearranging the structure of the virtualized drive.

Backup alternatives under the latest True Image Home are a bit changed as re-ordering and adding of new options took place. The new tasks available are Nonstop Backup and Online Backup, a subscription-based service that lets you store backups online.

However, Online Backup is not available in all regions of the globe, but only where Acronis has set up its datacenters, in order to provide the best service possible. Other than these two, all other backup options are present: backup of files and folders, system state backup, email accounts, address book and application settings. The backbone of the application, disk and partition backup, now benefits from a separate menu, but the procedure is fairly similar to the one in the previous edition, sporting a briefer wizard that runs you only through the required steps: what to backup and storage location.

This may be a bit uncomfortable for a long-time user of the suite accustomed to having all these steps included in the backup wizard, but a new user will greatly appreciate the simplification of the process. Among the changes of the newest True Image Home edition, there is the scheduling function. It is now much more flexible than ever, containing the possibility to specify the starting day for a programmed job or its frequency. Each scheduled task can be suspended for as long as you want, if the situation so requires e.

Task management is an easy way to keep a good tab of all the jobs run by the application. The module is so advanced that you have the possibility to view each step taken by Acronis for every job. Failed tasks scheduled or unscheduled are clearly marked in red color in the calendar, allowing you to view all the details leading to the unsuccessful event. Next: Tools and utilities. Acronis True Image Home Softpedia Homepage.

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